Monday 27 October 2014

Social Media, Blogging and all that Stuff

When you've a full time job, your writing time is limited and precious.  And so, you want to spend it actually writing - as in writing stuff you want to publish - in my case, fiction for kids.  I do not want to spend it blogging or tweeting or Facebooking.  Which is why I've stayed away from such vices for so long.  I also have no interest in reading about what someone had for breakfast or indeed, writing about what I had for my own.

And so for years, I resisted the social media temptation, though everyone kept saying what a powerful tool it was. And then, reluctantly, I dipped my toe into the Twitter pool and liked what I found.  By and large, most people weren't tweeting about what they had for breakfast, and nor did I.  Instead, I found a like-minded community of individuals passionate about the things I like - children's books and writing.  Already, I've made a lot of friends (can you call them that?) - e-quaintances who post interesting things and are helpful when I ask questions.  Twitter is also a great place for joining in conversations and making contacts.

And now, here I sit, writing my first ever blog post about... well... blogging.  I'm not convinced of the value of this, or even if anyone will be interested in reading what I write, or indeed if I'll have anything interesting to say.  Time will tell.  But I've read enough interesting blog posts from others to convince me it's worth giving a shot.

I've still shunned the giant of social media, Facebook, because I fear it IS full of people talking about what they had for breakfast.  Am I right?  Or should I cave, and become a Mark Zuckerberg minion?

Anyway, that's my first blog post.  Time well spent?  Or more valuable writing time wasted?

We'll see...


  1. And now there's the anti-facebook social network called Ello you need to investigate!

    I agree completely that writers must guard their writing time. In my opinion, it's smart to pick and choose your social media outlets and stick with the ones you feel give you the best return. As long as there is some type of pathway to you, your fans will find it.

    I'm excited about this site. Now we have a place where we can count down the days until The Black Lotus is released. :) K

    1. Thanks K, for leaving me my first ever blog comment. Cheers!

  2. Nice layout for your blog, Kieran. Author's blogging is tough, especially for fiction writers. I've been blogging for years, doubt it has done much for me except to practice blogging (and writing). But it may work for you. Whatever you decide, good luck and welcome to the blogosphere.


    1. Thanks, Chris. Some people thought the colours on the website were a bit trippy so I gave it a makeover since you were last here. I hope it's better now.