Thursday 7 January 2016

Which Black Lotus character are you most like?

Which Black Lotus character are you most like?

You are most like Kate

New Yorker, Kate is a strong, outspoken, intelligent girl who is brave and loyal to her friends. She can also communicate with animals.

You are most like Cormac

Naturally shy, but brave and stubborn, Cormac is a Hinin boy (orphan) from the Samurai Empire. He can run at incredible speeds, and even up the sides of buildings.

You are most like Ghost

Ghost lived in a favella in Rio de Janeiro, before being recruited by the Black Lotus. Burdened with guilt, he is nevertheless witty and fun-loving. As his name suggests, he can turn invisible.

You are most like the Jonin

The leader of the Black Lotus has long silver hair but cannot speak. It is believed that he bit off his own tongue to avoid revealing secrets to his enemies. Superpower: bio-luminescence.

You are most like the Bear

The Bear is a military man built like a mountain of hardened muscle. He is the Black Lotus' physical fitness teacher and is loud and tough.

You are most like Ami

This beautiful looking Japanese woman is the technology and gadgets teacher for the Black Lotus.

You are most like Sensei Iwamoto

He may be small, but this ninjutsu teacher packs a powerful punch and is in charge of weapons and combat at the Black Lotus.

You are most like Goda

As president of the Samurai Empire, Goda is a power-hungry villain who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

You are most like Makoto

Second in command and recruiter for the Black Lotus, the one-eyed Makoto is a master of disguise and has the ability to project his body to remote locations.

The world is flooding and there's only one seat left on your ark. What will you take?

Your pet
Your laptop/phone
A friend

The world is ending in an hour. What will you do?

Surf the internet

Which of these quotations would you like on your gravestone?

Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind.
There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.
Power corrupts. Absolute power is kind of neat.

Your headmaster drops dead in your classroom. What do you do?

Say something funny to relieve the tension
Organise the funeral

Which colour best represents you?


Which part of your body is your best feature?

Your hair
Your eyes
Every part is perfect.

The school bully steals your sandwich, what do you do?

Nothing. It wasn't a nice sandwich.
Use your wit and intelligence to expose him as a fool.
Kick his ass.

Which of these insults would most likely be shouted at you?

Big Mouth!

Which type of game player are you?

You play for fun and don't care about winning or losing.
You play to win but always abide by the rules.
You will do anything to win, even cheat.

Which chess piece are you?

A pawn
A queen
A king