Code Crackers
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Welcome to the official web site of Kieran Fanning.  I am the author and illustrator of the CODE CRACKERS series of books for children (age 9-13) published by Mentor books.  Books in this series include Trapdoor to Treachery, Voyage to Victory, Tempest of Trouble and Curse of the Cockroach.  These books are rather unique because they are interactive.  They require the reader to actively take part in the story by solving puzzles to find out which page of the story to turn to next.  Because they are so different from any other books on the market they have attracted not only avid readers but also children who don't normally read. 

I hope you enjoy my website.  Feel free to contact me or leave comments about the books.


"an ingenious blend of story and detective work" - The Sunday Tribune

"a highly creative and clever book........great fun" - Children's Books Ireland

"For a child with a lively imagination and the attention span of a butterfly" - Books Ireland

"A triumph of brain-bending fun" - The Sunday Tribune

"a busy, active and very enjoyable journey" - The Irish Times


To read an extract and try a puzzle from Tempest of Trouble click here.
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